Madden NFL 21:The Fastest Running Backs

The NFL has some of the fastest athletes in the world and that is apparent in Madden 21.


Speed kills in the NFL, especially at the skill positions. In Madden 21, a fast and elusive running back can have a major impact on your team. Like we did with wide receivers, another important position for speed in Madden 21, we’ve gone ahead and found the five fastest running backs currently in the game.

Whether in online play or franchise mode, it’s no different. Running backs are incredibly important and you’re going to want someone with speed.

1. Matt Breida (Miami Dolphins)

Interestingly, although the Dolphins have one of the worst rosters in the game, they have the fastest running Matt Breida. The former 49ers running back clocked the NFL’s fastest speed on a touchdown in 2019, reaching a top speed of 22.3 miles per hour.

His speed rating, giving him the ability to burn any defender on the gridiron, As the season progresses, his overall could easily shift in either direction, but his speed rating will remain intact.

2. Raheem Mostert (San Francisco 49ers)

When it comes to rushing yards, speed is the name of the game, Raheem Mostert of the San Francisco 49ers with a striking 95 overall speed rating, per NFL on ESPN, Tied with Matt Breida, and an even higher overall. He has an 84 overall, five points higher than Breida.

Certainly, Mostert is one of the most electric speedsters in the game, so let’s hope his lofty Madden rating leads to big production in the

3. Phillip Lindsay (Denver Broncos)

The Denver Broncos have two players on EA Sports’ list of the ten fastest running backs in Madden NFL 21. Broncos runs back Phillip Lindsay with a speed rating of 93, putting him in a seven-way tie as the third-fastest running backs in the game.

Speed is his most critical weapon, and he can break through any obstacle!

4. Jonathan Taylor (Indianapolis Colts)

It’s official: Indianapolis Colts rookie running back Jonathan Taylor is one of the fastest RB’s in the league. Per Madden 21’s player ratings, his raw speed and talent earned him a 93 speed rating, which ranks 4 in the entire league. It’s no surprise that Jonathan Taylor is one of the more exciting rookies to enter the league this season.

Though Taylor only managed to get an overall rating of 73, his speed rating definitely stands out.

5. Nyheim Hines (Indianapolis Colts)

The last one is also a player for the Indianapolis Colts, Nyheim Hines. As a junior in 2017, Hines ran for 1,112 yards on just 197 carries for North Carolina State and scored 12 touchdowns. At the NFL combine, he impressed scouts with a 4.38-second 40-yard dash and a 4.35-second short shuttle.

Hines' OVR doesn't seem that great in Madden 21, but his speed makes him a threat all over the field, and he has strong agility too.

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